York & District Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers
(Reg. Charity No. 519097)

What we do now

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Guild Meetings take place throughout the year. We meet on the third Saturday of each month (with the exception of December) and the pattern of meetings throughout the year is set out as follows:

  • January, March, May, July, September and November to catch up on news, arrange Guild business and enjoy a lecture from an invited visiting textile artist. We are usually treated to a view of samples of their work as well.
  • February, April, June, August, and October we have informal meetings and workshops in the Library.
  • We also organize one weekend residential workshop with a tutor each year.

All our events are aimed at helping members of all abilities to learn and achieve more.

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Dyeing display

Weavers use simple frames for tapestries and rugs, inkle looms for braids, and more complicated looms (even computer controlled) for weaving lengths of cloth for clothing or furnishings. Also, computer aided design programs can be used to good effect, saving time when experimenting with designs and colours.

Spinners can start on a drop spindle and progress to a spinning wheel to produce yarns of any thickness from a fine thread for lacy garments to thick rug wool. They can also spin fancy yarns and use a range of fibres such as wool, mohair, cotton, linen, silk, ramie and man-made fibres.

Dyers bring colour into their work at the fibre, yarn or cloth stage using flowers, leaves, bark, roots, fungi (mostly grown specially for the purpose) and mordants or synthetic dyes. It is possible to produce lovely colours, unattainable in any other way.

Beginners are invited to join us. Expertise in craftsmanship is encouraged, but it is not a requirement of membership.

Come along to one of our meetings and make yourself known to a Committee Member who will introduce you to a Guild Member who has similar interests. You will be assured of a warm welcome.