September/ October Update

I think we are all resigned to the fact that we will not be getting together for a good while now so decisive action has been taken by the committee regarding plans for our Zoom meetings going forward. Following a survey of members opinions, we have decided to continue holding our monthly meetings on the third Saturday of each month and maintaining the balance of a speaker one month and general discussion and show and tell the next. In addition, we are also holding weekly meetings on a Wednesday night which will focus on more specific topics. So far, quite a few members have hosted a talk and the response has been extremely positive. This meeting format will be reviewed at the end of the year.

It seems that the new trend is ‘challenges’ with members undertaking specific projects with a theme via the Online Guild as well as challenges set by our members. For this years Christmas meeting the challenge is to produce a scarf that will be worn and shown at the meeting and it seems some members are well underway with this.

Our upcoming meeting topics include; spinning a fine yarn, natural dyeing, weaving software, using your hand-spun, blended fibres and spinning equipment. Feel free to join us with any questions, comments or suggestions as these themed meetings have yielded some very interesting, inspirational and educational discussions.

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