February Update

Well, it has been a year since Covid hit, but it most certainly has not held us back. On the contrary, our Guild has flourished during the past year and it is safe to say that we are offering the most for our members than ever before. The introduction of Zoom meetings has actually allowed more members to access us who previously may not have been able to and has actually served to attract a not insignificant number of new members. It is also that time of year where our AGM is around the corner, committee members will change and membership renewals are also due. Due to the current situation we have decided on a couple of options for members for the coming year and this will be announced in the newsletter very soon. What we have pretty much decided on is that even when we are able to re-commence meetings in person at the museum, that we will continue with Zoom meetings in between as they have been a valuable way for members to keep in touch and maintain inspiration during lock down. They have also enabled us to have focussed discussions on specific subjects as requested by members and for members to ‘Catch up’ on meetings if they are unable to attend on the night. New members can also access previous discussions on our ‘members area’ on our website. Finally, don’t forget our Facebook page where we all love to see photos of your creations or indeed assist with any technical issues along the way.

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